Wednesday, 29 June, 2022

           4 Strategies to Enhance YouTube Watch Time

Do you have a YouTube channel?

Are you looking for ways to keep viewers interested for longer?

Modifying the method you design your YouTube videos will boost the number of views your channel gets and result in more time to watch.

In this article, you’ll learn four methods to boost the duration of your YouTube viewing time.


What is YouTube Watch Time?

In the months before October 2012, the total amount of views was the primary factor used by YouTube when determining how videos were ranked. But, after YouTube changed its algorithm the same month, watching time was ranked as the number one ranking factor.

Watch time (or retention of viewers or audience retention, as referred to by the term “audience retention” in YouTube Analytics) is the sum of time viewers are spending watching your videos. Ideally, videos that exceed this measure result in more total viewing sessions.

In addition to a rise in the duration of the watch, YouTube is more likely to advertise your channel by search results and suggested videos, increasing views. You can also buy YouTube watch hours with SoNuker.


#1: Create Playlists that Structure to drive the Linear Viewing Experience

The creation of playlists for your YouTube videos is a means to direct potential viewers towards an extended viewing experience in which they can watch more of your most popular content.

If you arrange your videos into attractive sequences (as shown in the picture below), viewers are more likely to be drawn to all of your videos. This increases the amount of time they spend watching, which will result in a higher position on YouTube.

To maximize your playlists, use the start and end times on YouTube to count IN and out points for every video to create an impressive user experience.

If you’re using the featured playlist, consider removing the intros, outros, and other parts to prevent boring viewers who quit watching.

Tips: YouTube lets you hyperlink to related videos at the end of every video. Connect to a themed playlist instead to boost the amount of time watched. If viewers click on the URL for the playlist, it will quickly redirect them to the player.


#2: Select the correct titles and thumbnails that accurately Represent Your Content

The title and thumbnails of your videos affect your views and rank. They act as the primary reason users engage and offer a glimpse into the video’s content. Selecting the best combination of titles and thumbnails can improve your viewing time.

  • Please select an image that accurately portrays what’s in the content in your film so that viewers are aware of what they can anticipate when they hit. It’s crucial not to mislead viewers as they’ll be much more likely dissatisfied and quit watching.
  • Create An image that will make viewers click to see more.
  • Utilize both the thumbnail and title to present an exciting story.
  • Check that your thumbnails be compatible with desktop and mobile devices.
  • Check the Reports on Audience Retention on your YouTube videos to determine the efficacy of the thumbnails. If you notice a dramatic drop within the first few seconds, the video might not meet what is suggested in the thumbnail and title.


#3: Include cards in Your Videos

You can use cards in many options, but your most effective strategy to keep viewers entertained is using cards to connect with additional content that you have on your YouTube channel, which viewers are likely to be attracted to.

For instance, Slow Mo Guys use cards in videos to boost YouTube view time by encouraging playlists or related videos. This method is most efficient if the cards are placed just before the time in the video where viewers are most likely to drop off.


#4 Create Content Based On Long-Tail YouTube Keywords

The use of the long tail YouTube keyword phrases can assist draw people to view your videos, not your competitors’.

A way to find keywords is to utilize YouTube’s suggestion feature. Within YouTube’s YouTube Search box, input a term you are sure your target audience is interested in and note YouTube’s suggested search results. These aren’t random suggestions. They’re built on what viewers are looking for. Make these suggestions into themes in your films.